NHL News July 23 2020

NHL News July 23 2020

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On Thursday the NHL released a nearly hour long presentation which provides a detailed description of what life in the hub cities under the Return to Play Plan will be like to players, coaches and team executives. The video covers everything from health and safety to daily living, game presentation and competitive fairness.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion of the NHL Return to Play plan the NHL and NHLPA among others have exercised an extreme amount of thought and planning into the program. The depth and level of detail covered is impressive. Not an insignificant task with the number of moving parts involved.

I for one cannot wait for hockey’s return obviously with a bias for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I hope they do well, I hope the plan goes well. Drop the puck!!

Life in the Secure Zone -NHL Presentation

Direct Link to: Life in the Secure Zone Presentation