Toronto Maple Leafs Sign UFA Joe Thornton

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This afternoon Elliotte Friedman sent out a Tweet indicating talks between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Free Agent Joe Thornton had heated up once again. A mere 20 minutes later the Maple Leafs Twitter account released an official Tweet confirming that Jumbo Joe had indeed signed with the team for the upcoming season. The deal … Read more

Toronto Maple Leafs Free Agency Update

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The NHL’s silly season opened Friday. One of the hockey fan’s favourite times of the season as they put their hopes and dreams out there wishing for their teams GM to snag a player or two that can make an impact and improve their team. In our case, that is what we wanted from the … Read more

Draft Re-cap and Free Agency

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The Draft  Small, skilled wingers, offensive defenders that need to work on defending, and a few 5’9” centres were chosen by the Leafs at the draft.  Smart, smart players that were a steal for the Leafs…… apparently.  That’s all I have for you on that. I really do hope some of these picks turn into … Read more

The NHL Week Ahead

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With the Tampa Bay Lightning being crowned the Stanley Cup Champions the 2019-2020 season is closed. Congratulations to the Lightning on their Cup win. With the season now officially in the books the NHL moves into it’s “off-season”. Here is a quick look at what the week ahead holds for the NHL Salary Arbitration The … Read more

Identity Pt. 2: Leafs Forwards

As we all know, the identity of a team doesn’t lie within a single player, coach, or somebody in management. It’s something an organization carries with them throughout years and, much of the time, decades.  It takes an impossibly long time to build, and thus becomes something that’s ingrained within the fibers of the jersey, … Read more


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Identity: the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.  We’re told that this core of Toronto Maple Leafs are still looking for their identity. When we talk about teams and their identity we often grasp at obscure concepts rather than concrete definitions. Terms such as “gritty” and “heart” get thrown around, … Read more

What Does Next Seasons Leafs Team Look Like?

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I was working on an article with a focus on reshaping the D core. As I dove deeper into the article I got to looking at the cap commitments they have for next season. With what the Maple Leafs have committed to players already they have quite a chore ahead to make this team better. … Read more